Farm Fresh
St. Lucia’s Best
The Association of St. Lucia Farmers Cooperative (Belle Vue
Farmers Cooperatives, Grace, Bans, and Black Bay), working
in conjunction with the Windward Island Farmers Association
WINFA), the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC),
and with support from OXFAM Great Britain, instituted a small
farmers’ support initiative to secure “market access” for local St.
Lucian commodity producers into the hotel and restaurants
sector in the country. The project also targeted the wider
St. Lucian community as a natural market for the output of
local farmers.
The project entailed technical, financial, production and
marketing support intended to facilitate the improvement of
the quality, quantity and consistency of delivery of produce from
the farmers to the various markets.
Acute Vision created the logo, corporate image, brochures,
posters, label stickers and jingle. We ensured that St. Lucian
talent was used to represent the brand both in the imagery and
the voice for the jingle. Acute Vision also organised the media
launch in St. Lucia.