Volcano Adventure
Rising from the ashes of the numerous
volcanic eruptions that have wreaked
havoc on this northern Caribbean
island, the Montserrat Board of Tourism
commissioned Acute Vision to create
an innovative and exciting marketing
strategy to assist in the redevelopment
and promotion of the island.
Taking advantage of the natural and rustic beauty of one of the
last remaining British colonies in the Caribbean, the strategywas
conceptualised to incorporate the usage of the natural resources
that help to make Montserrat a “Caribbean treasure.”
To further develop and lend authenticity to the unique
Montserrat brand”, a new logo was created. Acute Vision
created and produced all corporate identity materials including
stationery, countryguides andbrochures.The collateralmaterials
captured the essence and spirit of a nation which through
adversity has been able to restore and rebuild, embracing the
traditional Montserratian way of life, while looking towards the
future. Turning a negative to a positive, Acute Vision created
the materials that marketed Volcano Adventures which allows
visitors to view the volcano froma safe distance. Special tour can
be arranged to view Plymouth, the modern Pompeii.
Acute Vision created and developed their website www. To facilitate real time communications
on the website Montserrat Tourist Board staff were trained in
updating the website.
AcuteVision also created collateral materials tomarket the target
products: Villa Vacations; Nature Adventures; Hiking Trails; Dive
Guides andWeddings and honeymoons.